About Petite Graine Preschool

Petite Graine Preschool started operations in 2015. Conceived based on the developmental stages of a child.

Accredited by the Department of Education, Petite Graine Preschool is situated in Eastwood City and provides spacious air-conditioned rooms with comfort rooms that are custom made for the size of the children. This was done in order to promote self-help skills related to their growing independence. Each room has age, and developmentally appropriate materials, as well as a print rich environment in order to engage curiosity and facilitates emergent literacy amongst the children.

Our Philosophy

Petite Graine Preschool believes that when the seed for love for learning is planted into the hearts and minds of a child, this will pave the way for the child to become a lifelong learner. Each child is treated as a unique individual that if provided with opportunities will be able to develop to their fullest potentials.


Petite Graine Preschool is dedicated to provide to young, dynamic learners, a safe learning environment that will bring out their potentials and challenge them to be active thinkers.


Petite Graine Preschool envisions being a preschool that empowers children to become independent, articulate and lifelong learners that will become globally competitive individuals who will contribute to the growing needs of the society.

Meet the Team

Maria Lourdes V. Almendras
School Administrator
Master of Arts in Family Ministry
Ateneo de Manila University
Cathrina Marie Villanueva
Preschool Principal
Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Education
Miriam College
Licensed Professional Teacher
Michelle S. Parungao
Administrative Assistant
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management
Polytechnic University of the Philippines